Welcome to the World of Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing career fields with high-earning potential and a variety of career opportunities. As the internet began to take off in the 1990s and 2000s, so did the rise of cyberattacks, computer viruses, and the hacker culture. From this, a new profession was born.

As we move into 2018, there are 200,000+ open jobs in IT security, while the current workforce is comprised of only 11% women, 3% African Americans and 5% Hispanic/Latino. This statistic is an American crisis that is not being well addressed in our inner city schools. As a result, we are taking it upon ourselves to fill those gaps, making sure all children are prepared and well equipped with the tools for a successful future.

Cyber Secure Kids, LLC (CSK) has had the opportunity to provide programming and events for the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation, Metro Warriors STEM Organization (NSBE Jr. Chapter), KPMG, Delta Sigma Theta Montgomery County Chapter, Techbridge Girls, and several STEM fairs.

This year, our students have participated in nation-wide competitions and STEM conferences. CSK is currently applying for grant funding to provide a free cybersecurity camp for underrepresented youth.

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Building the Pipeline

CSK is committed to building and supporting the pipeline from k-12 to college and beyond. Learn more about how we are committed to building the pipeline through our blog post (coming soon). We will post what's going on with our programs and relevant cyber security news to keep kids and parents in the know.

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Cyber Secure Kids Curriculum

Cyber Secure Kids has developed a year-long weekend, summer or one-day curriculum for 3rd through 12th grade students.  We are currently working on moving our curriculum to a computer based training that can be accessed by students anywhere in the world.

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STEM Programming For All Ages

We understand the importance of school age children being exposed to all aspects of STEM at an early age. We offer a variety of STEM programs and activities for schools and organizations that go beyond cybersecurity. We teach the foundation to becoming a STEM star no matter what fields our students end up pursuing.

Looking to support?

Cyber Secure Kids is only as great as its supporters. Most of our programming, activities, events and operational costs are made possible because of the support of organizations, grants and great people like you! Share us with your network and let them know that we are working to change the face and fears of STEM!